LiveCare celebrates its 7th anniversary



Hello all! LiveCare team recently celebrated the 7th anniversary of founding of UlikeKorea, the headquarters of LiveCare in South Korea.

We really appreciate all the hard work we've done with all your supports and cares!

With seven years' experience, the LiveCare business drives toward sustainable development to extend potential market around the world. Please look forward to seeing more new business project coming soon!

<Happy moments with LiveCare's colleagues>

On that day, we all went out of the company after a quick event and lunch. After having a delicious sandwich, we went to the cinema in the afternoon to watch “Terminator”, which was released on the same date as corporate anniversary. Like Sarah Connor, who protects the planet, we thought that we would have to care the cattle's health. 👏

The number of livestock managed by LiveCare solution will increase in all parts of the world, including Brazil, Australia, the United States, Europe and more.

LiveCare team is honored to be able to save livestock's lives in a sustainable way. Until the day when all cows in the world grow healthy with LiveCare solution, we will keep our work passion alive.

Please keep on supporting us!

Thank you!! 🙇🏻‍♂️🐄🐂



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