Calving Detection with LiveCare


How well are you prepared for Bovine Calving?

“Bovine Calving problems and the need of midwife!”

There are health professionals specialized in parturition assistance, is called ‘midwife’, who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth. Cows sometimes need human assistance during the labour due to health issues and/or the calf in the wrong position for birth. Human assistance ensures the smooth parturition that affects the health of a newborn calf.


“Complete preparation for Bovine Calving”  

A cow spends about 10 months (about 270 to 290 days) of the gestation period, just like a human mother. Since there is restriction on cows expressing their body condition, farmers could observe evidence from their physical and behavior changes as a sign of parturition. In general, some visual indications include udder development and swelling of the vulva 3 to 5 days in advance, and the relaxation of the pelvic ligaments that gives a sunken appearance of the vulva 1 to 2 days before calving. Other behavior signs may be seen such as raising her tail , stamping rear legs, and becoming restless. 

The gestation length of Hanwoo breed is about 285 days, yet it also varies for some cows  just like human mothers. It is advised farmers to start preparing for bovine calving well in advance, for example moving the pregnant cow to a separate dan away from the herds in the last month of the gestation period. 

“How to minimise Bovine Calving difficulties ”

Cows in general give smooth delivery about 45% of the time. However, cows having symptoms of premature births or dystocia require human assistance. Farmers also need to pay attention to the post-parturition care. As cows being culled after giving 3 birth on average, it is vital importance getting healthy calves in order to achieve better farm productivity. The farmer faces financial loss of KRW 3 to 4 million if losing a calf due to ill-parturition. The smooth and healthy delivery completes a reproduction process in following the timely insemination and successful conception. 

Here is the user experience from Namyangju-si, Korea. A pregnant cow showed a steady increase in body temperature a month prior to the due date. LiveCare’s signature color chart  indicated a sharp decrease in temperature closed to the delivery on June 11th. The farmer could get ready for bovine calving using LiveCare APP. The farmer also received a reminder of the expected calving date from LiveCare APP. The farmer managed to complete necessary farm procedure for the newborn calf, which arrived safely on June 12th.   

Bovine calving, like human births, could results in whether or not obtaining live offspring. LiveCare understands the importance of the calving assistance, LiveCare’s unique AI technology based on actual data will continue assist and deliver a healthy, live calf. 



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