UlikeKorea Selected by Microsoft to Participate in ‘MS IoT in Action’ Global Tour


Smart farm company uLikeKorea announced on Oct. 30 that it has recently been selected by Microsoft (MS) to participate in its global “MS IoT in Action” event. The only Korean agritech company to be selected by MS, uLikeKorea will participate in the global event to discuss how to further optimize IoT and cloud computing technologies.

uLikeKorea will start its tour in Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 5 and continue on to Canada, Japan, Korea and Melbourne through 2020. Steve Kim, global head of marketing and legal from uLikeKorea, will make a presentation on the company’s big data-based livestock farming technology during the sessions.

uLikeKorea CEO Kim Hee-jin said, “We are the first animal health management company to participate in the MS IoT in Action program. We believe this validates the analytical capability of the big data we have on cattle health.” She continued to saym “uLikeKorea has over 500 million data points on various diseases including foot and mouth disease, mastitis, and pneumonia. Through the MS program, we can enhance our global marketing and capability to collect data using MS Azure IoT/AI platform.”

Kim also said, “We have recently moved our Livecare data to an MS Azure Cloud platform. We will upgrade our artificial intelligence-based cattle healthcare services using MS Azure. The fact that we are participating in a global event of this scale means that we have started our entry process into the North American market. We will continue to grow our partnership with Microsoft and mutually benefit each other.” (...............)

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Business Korea (Oct 30, 2019) - UlikeKorea Selected by Microsoft to Participate in ‘MS IoT in Action’ Global Tour



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